The LUNA set became one of the winners of the Design and craft competition in the category black polished ceramic. It was created in the Schipanov family studio in Balakhna, Nizhny Novgorod region. The mission of the project was to find new ways of evolution of Nizhny Novgorod crafts. LUNA (translated from Russian as «moon») is a fusion of modern minimalism and traditional technologies. The image of the moon in the night sky can be traced in objects and the combination of materials. The expressiveness of deep matte black with semi-glossy elements is underlined by a clear product geometry. Pinewood is saturated with linseed oil. This adds contrast and sensation of warmth. These simple objects will decorate the modern interior and bring in a bit of the soul of national crafts. 

Spring 2019
Schipanov studio works in the tradition of Kazarinovskaya ceramics. This technique is known from the 16th century. This type of ceramics is common in Russia. But in this studio, the master reached a unique depth of black color and a combination of matte surfaces with semi-glossy (polished). Only natural materials are used in production.
Wooden details were carved from pine shield, soaked with linseed oil and dried in the sun.
For ceramic part, we went to the Schipanov family studio in Balakhna. In black-polished ceramics, the master uses the technique of polishing dried clay to a beautiful shine without the use of glaze. A distinctive feature of the kazarinovskaya black-polished ceramics is a special method of clay burning. Oxygen-free burning in a wood-burning stove was used for the project. The oven temperature is about 900 °C. For the blackening and sealing of the pores is used pine resin. It also gives the smell of pine to finished products.